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“Russell brings the sensibility of his abstract, deconstructive work with Cooperative Performance Milwaukee to this realistic script, with the result that it lifts itself out of the specific facts of history and, with great integrity, becomes a kind of ur-fable; an elegant work of theater that captures the grim reality of the setting without either completely distancing it or wallowing in despair. It's a remarkable balancing act.”


"...writer/director Don Russell manages to juggle a diverse ensemble in a way that makes the most of every respiration and perspiration in the production...with so much going right, it’s difficult to isolate individual high points."

-Shepherd Express

"With a light, cheerfully frothy surface gently coating an engrossing inner complexity, this might have been my favorite piece on the program. This is surprisingly clever comedy."

-The Small Stage


 “This is an actor of such ability and confidence...”

-​Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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Nov. 2-4, 2021

OCCC Theatre

Bruce Owen Theater

Oklahoma City, OK